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  • We need a bi-lingual matured women to answer phone and assist residents.
  • Please we need Back Packs and School Supplies for children-1st grade to 12th grades.We also need School Uniforms or Money to purchase School Uniforms.

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I have so much gratitude towards River of Life Homes. They have been so helpful. From the time I came to the shelter a lot of help had been given. Chr...
Shikara, Texas

About Us

River of Life Homes, Inc. is a 501(3)c non-profit organization that collaborates with other organizations to provide shelter and supportive services for people living in abusive situations. It operates in accordance with the U.S department of Agriculture and Texas Health and Human Services Commission policy, which prohibits Discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, age, disability, religion, political belief, or national origin.

River of Life Homes, Inc. was founded in 2004 with the mission to eliminate family violence through proactive intervention, education, counseling, caring for the victims of family violence. In our 8 years of serving our communities, with the help of our collaborates and communities, we have answered thousands of hotline phone calls, and provided home-style emergency shelter, transitional housing for hundreds of women and children.

When River of life homes was founded years ago, there were other shelters already in existence, but not enough due to the continuous rising of domestic violence. Personal experience in domestic violence was also one of the factors that contributed to the foundation of our shelter. There are still a lot of work to do to eliminate the epidemic of domestic violence. River of life homes is proud to be one of the shelters to run this race.


River of Life Homes, Inc. was founded in 2004.  Through Lovina’s personal experiences with domestic violence, she realized that she would like to help other individuals affected by domestic violence.  In 2004, during a 40 Days of Purpose bible study held by her church, Lovina realized her calling to help others by providing them with the necessary tools to be free from domestic violence and substance abuse.


In 2005, River of Life Homes received its nonprofit status and purchased two homes to be used as emergency and transitional housing for women and children  experiencing abusive situations.  The agency admitted its first clients in 2006. Since its founding, ROLH has helped over 500 individuals through emergency services, transitional housing and support programs.

Lovina’s Testimony

 River of Life Homes Inc., a 501 (3) (c) non-profit organization, was founded by the grace of God, through me. My experience with domestic violence helped me recognized that something needs to be done to fight the epidemic of domestic violence and homelessness. Studying 40 The Purpose Driven Life book written by Pastor Rick Warren with my church members at First Family Church of Dallas, Texas, also helps clarify my vision.

 I was born in Nigeria in West Africa, graduated from Texas Woman’s University in 1991 with BBA in Accounting and got my Real Estate License in 2000.  The Lord brought me to this blessed country in 1982 with a purpose not revealed to me until 2004. In 2004, my pastor, Dr. Jon Ogle and his staff, from First Family Church in Dallas, Texas, put together a home group Bible study,  40-Days of Purpose based on The Purpose Driven Life by Pastor Rick Warren. During one of the meetings, the Lord revealed to me a vision based on my prior experiences back in Nigeria.

My parents have five girls and no boys. My dad loves us very much and would do anything for us, but he wanted so badly to have a son. He took his anger and frustration out on my mother, and sometimes on us. I tried to be the son he wanted by taking some of the responsibilities a son would have, just to keep his legacy going and to make him happy. In one of these duties, I found myself homeless inside my father’s house as rain poured inside through the roof made with palm trees. On that dark, cold and rainy night I was all alone, hungry, and scared with nobody to turn to but God. I felt abandoned and rejected that night not knowing that God was preparing me for a mission.

In July 2004, River of Life Homes was incorporated, and then, in 2005 it was approved as a 501 c3 non-profit organization dedicated to minister to abused women and children. In August 2006, River of Life Homes opened and admitted a mother and her three children.  Over 500 women and children have been helped since 2006. About 95% got a job and moved to their own place. While I was seeking help to secure a safe place for these families, I attended the City of Dallas Homeless Alliance Meeting for connections and resources. As I was sitting with a friend, listening, and observing, a small lady said, “ thank you Jesus! Thousands of homeless people were saved last Christmas Party held for the homeless by Operation Care”. She was the only person I heard say the name of Jesus the whole time I was there. I said to my friend, this is the person we are going to connect with. That lady, Susie Jennings, has become a very good friend of mine. She invited us to the Homeless Christmas Party in 2005. While I was there, something powerful happened to me. My heart broke as I saw the homeless people, lying down on the ground, shivering in the cold and rainy weather. This reminded me of the lonely experience I had back home. In 2007, with the support from my pastor and church members, I began to bring some homeless people from downtown Dallas to my church. They were fed with both physical and spiritual food.  River of Life now has a home for homeless men. Since then, some men were able to get off the street and move into the home.

All glory to God!

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